Why Antique Watch Repair is Important

antique watch repair

Every vintage watch will one day stop working and will require professional watchmaker to look at it and possibly repair it.  Antique watch repair takes a special watchmaker master to take good care of it.

There are many ways why a watch can shut down at any time.  As simple as laying on the beach, and all the sunny rays, sweat and other gunk could get inside of your watch’s mechanism, which would could result in it refusing to work properly. Sometimes, people forget that their watch is not water resistant and they go swimming with it.

Before you turn in your antique watch to a professional for repairs, it’s good practice to photograph the outside casting of your watch.  It’s also advised to note down any type of engravings or serial numbers for your http://www.horologist.com/images/walth01.jpgown reference.  Believe it or not, but there are some unscrupulous watchmakers who can cheat you out of your watch’s parts. It’s important to do some research when choosing your watchmaker professional.

If you have an antique watch and it’s working properly, it’s still very important to service it.  Servicing frequency plays a role too.

  • ONCE A YEAR – Many antique watches have a crown seal and it’s advised to check it at least once a year to make sure it’s preserved properly.
  • EVERY 2 -3 YEARS- If you have a modern watch, then you should be in luck, because most of them nowadays have special crowns which seal in the internal workings and prevent leakages.
  • ONCE IN 5 YEARS –  Most modern watches, unlike antique ones will last for a long time, as many of them are water resistant and have the seal tightly preserved.  The only issue which is important is oiling as watches have small parts which do require lubrication.