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Watch Repair in Squirrel Hill of Pittsburgh, PA


Are you searching for watch repair in Squirrel Hill? We are the real deal in pocket watch repair in the city of Pittsburgh. There are several repairers downtown, but Time And Chime is the real deal with more than 40 years experience in Seth Thomas grandfather clock repair, cuckoo clock repair and all kinds of a timepieces. Also, our grandfather clock repair in Pittsburgh PA is affordable and with unmatched professionalism.

Level of Professionalism:

The importance of watch cannot be overemphasized. It is common knowledge that watch helps us to keep time, follow our schedules, plan our daily activities, etc. However, to some watch lovers, it is more than just keeping time; it’s for beautification, adornment, it makes them look smart and boosts their self-esteem.  Time And Chime takes quality very seriously. We do not compromise when it comes to quality

Our company is an embodiment of affordability, quick turnaround time, unflinching post-repair support, and high-level professionalism. No wonder our clients love us so much, telling their neighbors, friends, and relations to come to our company whenever they want a perfect touch on their watch.

The Client Was Overwhelmed With Joy

We don’t only repair watches; we also restore them no matter how damaged it has become. One of our clients was happy when we restored his grandfather’s old watch. According to him, he had wanted to throw it away after trying several watch repair shops. Fortunately for him, a neighbor told him about Time And Chime . At first, he was skeptical because he had tried several shops; however, he reluctantly decided to give us a try. When we restored the watch, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The customer insisted on paying extra fees against our wish. Our joy was that he was happy! The satisfaction of our clients is our satisfaction and that’s why we handle every watch with care and high-level professionalism.

Be Careful Who Repairs Your Watch:

If you love your watch, make sure you don’t put it in the hands of inexperienced watchmakers. Some repairers end up causing more damage to your watch in the process of repair. They solve one problem and cause much more. In our case, we handle every watch given to us by our clients with utmost care, making sure no damage is done to the watch and that it is returned to our customers in good condition.

The Benefits of Employing our Services

  • We have over 40 years experience in clock and watch repairs
  • We use our state-of-the-art tools for repairs
  • We have expertise in ALL kinds of Clocks and Watches
  • Our estimates are FREE whether in person or by a phone call.
  • Get affordable prices without hidden charges
  • 100% satisfaction and money back is guaranteed
  • Parts and labor carry a one year warranty
  • Good turnaround time
  • We take special care of your timepiece, repair it and return scratch-free.
  • Unbeatable support team

Hope we have been able to help you out in getting the best watch repair in Squirrel Hill of Pittsburgh.

Always …

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