How to Choose a Local Watch Repair Service?

When you especially have a quality watch and it stops working correctly, you begin to seek out a local watch repair shop or service that is both reputable and trustworthy.

Your first stop would of course be a local Jewelry shop in your area. You might think that they would know how to fix watches, but more likely, they’d just be able to replace your band or battery.  Complex watch repairs are usually not done at the local Jewelry shop.  They would most likely recommend that you send them out to a manufacturer, which will in turn cost you a lot of money in the end.

It’s never easy to find a top-notch watch repair shop nowadays.  It’s a rarity. However, there are still really good watch repair masters out there and some of them have been doing it all their lives. Sometimes, good jewelry stores may refer you to real professionals who know how to get your watch fixed for the right price.

Professional Craftsmanship

It’s utterly important to know how long the watch repair service has been operating and how extensive their experience.  Make sure that you don’t leave your timepiece with some student who has just left a vocational school and just learned the craft.

Word of mouth

A good watchmaker will always be known in the local community.  Ask some verifiable Jewelry stores on who can fix your watch and they should be able to recommend someone to you.  You may also come across some folks along the way that would be able to give you a website or phone number for a real watch repairman. Customer feedback is always going to be heard and trusted.