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How to Change the Chime on a Seth Thomas Antique Clock

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock Repair is something that needs special skill. However, in this article, we are going to show you how to change the chime on a seth thomas antique clock .

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Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock

The company that manufactured Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock started manufacturing in the year 1813 in Thomaston CT. It is one of the most innovative American-made clocks. The company is reputable for their case clocks and high quality porcelain clocks. They also made various tall case clocks and wood case clocks.

Seth Thomas Antique Clocks have winding systems that control the functioning of the chime. For the chimes of this clock to sound correct, you must make sure you wound the clock regularly. The clock’s mechanisms (inner and outside) enables the clock to function properly, and they work in a synchronized manner that, if any part of the internal mechanism fails to function properly it affects other parts of the clock. On the other hand, any part of the outer mechanism that fails to function properly too may affect the sound of the chimes. Therefore, every part of the clock is very important and must be checked properly for the chimes to function very well.

How To Set the Chimes

Your Seth Thomas Antique Clock should be wound at least once every 7 or 8 days. To do this, look at the back of the clock you will see 3 big holes. The clock winding key should be inserted in the hole that is at the far right. Now, turn the key continuously, keep twisting it until it reaches the end, then remove the key.

Slot the key again into the hole that is at the left and wind to set the chimes to sound on the hour. Now, put the key into the hole that is at the center to set the time correctly. The key should be twisted anticlockwise (counterclockwise) until the time is set correctly. Congratulations! You have succeeded in winding the clock; you can now remove the key.

Speed Up or Slow Down The Clock:

To speed up or slow down the clock, insert the clock winding key into one of the 2 smaller holes. This process also affects the settings of the chime, turning on or turning off the chimes, therefore, ensure to turn the chime on again after doing all the necessary adjustments and winding.

Lost Your Key?

If for any reason you lost your winding key, use another key of the same size with the original key, or go to any professional clock smith to help you wind your clock and produce another key for you.

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