Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Repair

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Repair Near You

Howard Miller Grand Father Clock Repair is something that needs the professionalism of TimeAndChime, a company with over 40 years of experience in this field. However, I am going to show you how to do some basic repairs on your Howard Miller Grand Father Clock.

This clock has various mechanisms that may be damaged as a result of moving the clock from its position. However, it may be repaired by just making a little adjustment to a faulty piece, or oiling its mechanical parts. Oiling is very important as it enhances the smooth running of the mechanisms inside the clock, and this should be done at least once every 3 years.

That, being said, let us look into some minor Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Repair you can simply handle by yourself.

How to Position The Weights Correctly

To position the weights of your clock correctly, you have do the following:

  • A look at the bottom of the weights will show you the correct position or direction of each of the weights.
  • Their directions may be right, center, or left.
  • Put the weights in their proper positions or directions as labelled.
  • Untangle the weights if they are tangled.

How to Fix the Clock Chime

If your clock is not chiming the correct time, just follow the simple steps below:

  • You have to stop the pendulum and then take record of the time.
  • Remove the small nuts that hold the minute hand.
  • Carefully pull off the minute hand by holding the point attached to the shaft.
  • The clock dial should be moved backwards or forward, as the case may be, to chime at the correct time.
  • Put the minute hand back and tighten the small nuts.
  • Push the pendulum left or right to start it.
  • Reset the time by moving the minute hand backwards and moving the hour hand forward.

As previously said; Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Repair can be very complicated and needs the professional touch of specialists. Therefore, if there is any repair you cannot handle yourself, send it to the specialists.

How to Repair the Moon Dial

  • Gently take off the top panel.
  • You should open the side door or take off the panel through the back side.
  • Find the click spring through the back side of the dial.
  • Your pointer finger should be placed on the tip of the click spring.
  • Then pull the spring ½-inch back and swiftly released.
  • Observe to see whether the Saw Tooth Moon Dial and the Click Spring come into alignment. Note: If the moon dial does not work after the adjustment, do not force it.
  • Move the minute hand 3 hours backwards.

I hope the above information have been helpful to you, however, for every Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Repair beyond your ability, just contact Time-And-Chime. We are specialists with over 40 years experience with state-of-the-art technology and excellent customer service.