How Do I Fix The Chimes On My Grandfather Clock

“Oh, my God! My grandfather clock chimes the wrong hour, how do I fix the chimes on my grandfather clock?” This may have been the question on your mind.

Grandfather clocks are a wonder timepiece, but sometimes the chimes may go bad and need servicing. For instance, the dial may be saying 3:00pm while the chime is counting a different thing, let’s say 5:00pm.

Nevertheless, this is not a serious issue as it can be easily adjusted, and I will show you how to correct this issue.

Below are simple steps you could follow to fix your grandfather clock whenever it’s striking the wrong hour.

(1)    Just wait until the next hour count on your grandfather clock.

(2)    Take note of the number of hours the clock chimed.

(3)    Free move (clockwise or anti-clockwise, it doesn’t matter) the hour hand (i.e. the shorter hand) with your finger until it gets to the number that was chimed.

(4)    Then you have to now reset the time on the clock to the current time.

(5)    You are done, and that is all!

The Challenge You May Encounter

On some occasions, you may find out that the hour hand on the shaft is stiff. Whenever you encounter this, make sure you do not force it. Yes! Don’t force it so that you don’t damage it. A lot of the hour hands on grandfather clocks are strongly fixed. On the other hand, whenever you find out that the hour hand is loose, just carefully push (from the center) it back onto the shaft to normalize it.

This usually happens when you mistakenly move the hour hand during the resetting process of your grandfather clock. It could also happen when you allow your grandfather clock to wind down to increase the weight at the bottom and stop the pendulum.

Thank you so much! I hope this information was valuable, and there would no longer be: “O, my God! My grandfather clock chimes the wrong hour, how do I fix the chimes on my grandfather clock ?”

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