Why you shouldn’t fix your watches in Jewelry stores

When you want to fix you timepiece or your clock, what’s the first place that comes to your mind? Correct, it’s the Fast-Fix Jewelry store.  That’s where you make your first stop to ask if they will fix your watch or your clock. Most of the jewelry store representatives do not know a thing about when a new client brings them a timepiece. It’s totally foreign to them. However, they will almost never say they can’t fix it.  They always say to customers “if you’d like to leave your timepiece with us, we can call you after our professional watchmaker estimates the cost of repairs.

Customers fail to understand one thing: their timepiece will be sent to either some sweat shop or estimated by a inexperienced student who may have just completed his watchmaker program online. Plus, when the timepiece is back and the estimate is presented to customer, the mark up on the repair cost will be highly inflated.

It is always suggested to take your timepiece to a real professional with years of experience and proven success.  There are not too many specialists out there today, but there are a fair amount of true professionals.