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Mantel Clock Repair – How To Do Simple Repairs


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Mantel Clocks are a wonderful timepiece that comes with different kinds of features and styles.

  1. Does The Mantel Clock Chime The Wrong Tone?

Try not to adjust chime hammers, unless the ring (chime) tone is not correct. Chime (ring) tones might be influenced if the hammers are resting on the chime rods or not striking the rods in the center. There are diverse kinds of chimes such as rods, bells, and coils. Chime hammers are made of brass and you can bend them freely. Whenever it is necessary, you can slightly adjust or modify the hammers arms (not the chime rods, bell or coil) so that they do jam each other during movements or when they strike the chime rods, bells or coils.

  1. How To Set The Time

If you want to set the time, you should move the minute-hand (not the hour-hand) anticlockwise – the hour-hand will move naturally when the minute-hand is being moved. By moving the minute-hand anticlockwise it is not a most that you should wait for the Mantel Clock to ring or chime as the minute-hand passes every quarter hour. The clock has a feature that automatically aligns the chime and the time to correspond. In the event that the Mantel Clock is set on time, and yet it does not chime or ring appropriately, allow it to work for 2 hours in order to correct itself.

On the other hand, you can move the minute-hand in a clockwise direction to set the chime, but in this case, you must have to stop at every quarter hour in order to allow the chime to complete before moving the hand to the next quarter hour. This, you should be doing until you arrive at the desired time.

  1. Replacing The Platform Escapement

In order to do this, allow the clock to completely wind down and remove the cover of the platform escapement. You should then remove the two little nickel plated screws from the upper left and base right of the stage escapement. Gently pull the stage escapement straight out toward you and then it will discharge and come out effortlessly. After that, you have to carefully put the replacement in the same position but being mindful so as not to touch the wheel or apply any kind of pressure close to the wheel. When it is flush and tight against the back cover, put back the two nickel plated screws in their former position. At this point, you have to wind the arbor in the middle over the 6:00 on the clock then the balance wheel ought to start moving forward and backward speedily.

  1. The Mantel Clock Is Striking The Wrong Hour

In the event where your clock is no longer striking the right hour, …

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