Our Testimonials

Jewelry shops couldn’t do it, but Michael did
“I treasured my great-great-father’s German cuckoo clock until it broke last year. Jewelry stores in Monroeville couldn’t fix it until I heard about Time&Chime. Michael not only fixed it, but did complete overhaul for the same low price. Thank you!”
Nice and courteous
“He came all the way to my place in Robinson Twp, disassembled mechanism inside of my Grandfather clock and left with it. Two weeks later, he brought it back, installed it and it works to this day! Thanks so much!”
I had no idea someone good was around
“I was actually recommended to Time&Chime by someone else. I had to fix my grandfather’s Mantel clock which our family had for many years. Michael did a fantastic job. He picked up and delivered our Mantel clock. Very affordable, too!”
A Real Master
“Michael is a gem in the watch repair business.  Another downtown Jewelry shop screwed up on my Longines Master. So, I’ve googled for Pittsburgh Watch Maker and found Time&Chime.  Michael fixed it in 5 days and no issues till this day.”