watch repair process

Watch Repairs

All Kinds of Brands

Rolex, Movado, Breitling, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Concord, Omega, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre and more

Quality and Affordability

Watch repairs may take 1-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the timepiece.

Special Care for Watch

We will take special care of your timepiece and return it back to you repaired and scratch-free.

Clock Repairs

Basic to Full Overhaul

Removal of mechanism, cleaning of dirt and old oil, proper lubrication, repair, testing and assembly.

2-Stage Ultrasonic Process

Using special clock cleaning solution, full overhaul with warranty of parts and labor.

Years of Experience

Clocks repairs range from variety of antiques, such as mantel clocks to contemporary ones.

Battery Replacement

While You Wait

For the most part, we can replace watch batteries while you wait, unless it's a complicated casing.

Tampering No Recommended

Waterproof watches are vacuum-sealed and required us to use professional tools to open them.

Let the Professional Complete the Job

Time and Chime will guarantee proper opening, replacing and sealing of your watch.

band replacement

Band Replacement

Damaged band or need a new one?

Cheap band replacement from eBay could tarnish value of your watch due to poor quality.

Missing or Broken Links?

We will repair any broken links and replace with high quality ones to keep your band in place.

Any Watch Band Replacement

Leather, metal cloth and rubber/silicone band replacements are available.

stem and crown replacement

Stem & Crown

Replacing of Stems is Very Common

Stems gets rusted, when accidentally dropped in water and need replaced

Genuine Parts Are Used

Stem and crown are replaced with genuine parts and tested for accuracy upon return to client.

Replacement on Site

If parts are available for your specific watch, we can fix it the same day.

watch crystal replacement

Crystal Replacement

Scratching and Breaking

Replacement with best quality crystal, while you wait, if we have one available in stock.

Shattering Causes Movement Issue

Shattered crystal may cause dirt to get inside, which causes movement to stop working.

Any Crystal You Desire

Plexi-glass, ordinary glass, mineral and synthetic sapphire

complete watch and clock overhaul

Complete Overhaul

Complete Overhaul = Routine Service

Any watch or clock requires proper maintenance for well-functioning of a timepiece.

Complete Dismantling

Cleaning, repairing or replacing worn parts, reassembly and calibration of mechanism

Polishing and Refinishing

Polishing and refinishing of case, rigorous quality control for 72 hours before returning to client.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about your timepiece, feel free to reach us by email or phone.