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Watch Repairs

Watch repair requires patience and precision

Find out a few details on how we fix watches here at Time & Chime.

watch repair process

If you were to ask us, what’s kind of brand we specialize in best?  Our only humble answer is EVERY SINGLE one and that’s the truth.  Our customers bring us all kinds of watches – antique, contemporary, mechanical, quartz and more!

  • Over 40 years of professional watch repair experience.
  • High quality, affordability and convenient Pittsburgh location
  • Rolex, Movado, Breitling, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Concord,  Omega, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre and more
  • Repairs take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your watch
  • Very affordable pricing and never any price add-ons during the repair process
  • We take special care of your timepiece, repair it and return back scratch-free.

Clock Repairs

Years of experience on all types of clocks

Full warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed. Get a professional advice today.

clock repair service

Our services go from very basic full overhaul. Basic services consist of removal of mechanism, cleaning of dirt and old oil, making sure that all parts get proper lubrication and repairs before mechanism is returned in its case and tested out properly.  We also perform full cleaning of mechanism, which undergoes a two stage ultrasonic cleaning process using specific clock cleaning solution.  Full overhaul of your clock is always completed up to our customer’s satisfaction.

  • 40+ Years of experience clocks repairs and restoration
  • We offer a full warranty on parts and labor
  • Service pickup, delivery and installation available
  • Grandfather, Mantel, Cuckoo, Antique to Contemporary

Battery replacement

Battery replacement is usually underestimated

Youtube video tutorial won’t help you get this job done. You may cause damage to your timepiece.

watch battery replacement

Youtube tutorial on how to open a casing on your watch will mostly likely only help you damage your watch even more. There are some type of watches that should only be serviced by a professional watchmaker. For example, waterproof watches should never be tampered with because they are vacuum-sealed.  If it’s opened using unprofessional tools, it will destroy waterproofing completely. Buying professional tools will be costly and trial and error will cause serious damage to your casing.

  • Batteries replaced while you wait
  • Professional watch battery replacement guaranteed
  • Sophisticated tools used to open watches safely
  • Waterproof watches get special treatment to preserve vacuum seal

Band replacement

Watch band replacements made easy

We recommend the band for your watch, order and replace watch band ourselves

band replacement

There could be a number of reasons why you’d want a new watchband.  You’re tired of looking at your current band for several years now and you want a new look, or it’s damaged and you need a new one to freshen the look of your watch.  You can always try and order a cheap watch band replacement from Ebay, but the cheap look could tarnish the value of your watch or it may fall apart in some time, due to poor quality.  The retailers that we work offer high quality watch bands and guarantee longevity appealing looks.

  • Professional watch band replacement guaranteed
  • We can fix any links that may be broken or missing
  • Watch bands can be replaced while you wait
  • Leather, metal cloth and rubber/silicone bands replacements
  • Watch bands ordered per your request at discounted prices

Stem & Crown

Crown and Stem Replacement

Crown and stem replacement with genuine parts only with 1 year warranty.

stem and crown replacement

Replacing crown or a stem is a commonality in watches.  Some of the reasons why a stem needs replaced is because it gets rusted, due to water damage, watch gets accidentally dropped and damaged. Your watch stem is the long, thin part that connects the crown (the part you use to wind or set your watch) to the watch. If your stem and crown are broken or damaged we can often replace them. All of our replacements are 100% genuine parts. After the replacements are made, we’ll reinstall the movement into the case and test the watch to ensure it’s accuracy before it’s presented to a customer.

  • 100% genuine parts on stem / crown replacements
  • Damage to your crown and stem can be caused by a simple drop of you watch.

Crystal replacement

Watch Crystal Replacement

The watch crystal is the glass that covers the face of the watch

watch crystal replacement

Every crystal material is prone to damages, such as scratching and breaking.  We can ensure that we will get the best quality crystal fit your watch. We can usually replace the crystal while you wait, as we have different kinds in stock.  However, if we don’t, then we’ll order the crystal to fit your watch.  If your crystal is broken or shattered, some dirt might have gotten inside and may cause your watch movement to stop working soon. Therefore, we will always recommend complete service, which involves full cleaning of your movement, along with the replacement of the crystal.

  • Watch crystal replacement to fit your kind of watch.
  • Plexi-glass, ordinary glass, mineral and synthetic sapphire
  • Most replacements are done while you wait
  • All crystals are ordered from qualified manufacturer

Complete overhaul

Complete overhaul service guaranteed

From a simple battery change to a complete overhaul, we can handle it all.

complete watch and clock overhaul

Any watch or clock requires routine service — that’s referred to as “complete overhaul”. It’s very essential to the well-functioning of your timepiece, which essentially maintains the value of your investment.  A routine complete maintenance or complete overhaul includes the following:

  • Complete dismantling of watch and movement
  • Cleaning and replacement or repair of worn parts
  • Reassembly of movement, and calibration of mechanism
  • Polishing & refinishing of case & bracelet
  • Rigorous quality control during 72 hours
  • One-year service guarantee

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