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My Grandfather clock is too heavy, will you come and pick it up?

A professional will come out to your home and delicately remove the Grandfather clock movement.  We will pack the movement, weights, pendulum and secure chime rods and take it for repairs.  Once the repair is completed, we will deliver it to your home and do the full installation.

Will you do complete clock repair and restoration?

We don’t just simply fix your clock – we always try to restore to it’s best possible condition.  We do complete movement overhaul service and and recommend routine clock oiling service. This will make your clock last for many years to come.

What kind of Clocks do you work with?

We can fix any kind of Clock.  Here are the most common types that we’ve worked with throughout the years:

Grandfather clocks
Grandmother clocks
Cuckoo clocks
400 Day or Anniversary clocks
Herschede Tubular Bell clocks
Battery operated clocks

Do you repair Grandfather clocks?

Yes! We specialize in Grandfather clocks.  We also do pick up service at your home or apartment for Grandfather clocks in and around Pittsburgh vicinities.

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