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Cuckoo Clock Repair: How Do You Adjust The Pendulum On A Cuckoo Clock?

Simple cuckoo clock repair can be done by an amateur. There are some “quick fix” solutions that you can find online. However, when solving more sophisticated problems, one has to be very careful by handling the clock in a correct and gentle manner to avoid causing damages to it.

cuckoo clock repair professionalBefore answering the question; “How do you adjust the pendulum on a cuckoo clock?” I would advise that you send your clock to professional clock repairers if you know you can’t handle the problem yourself. In such cases, I recommend you to send your clock to us at Time And Chime. We are Pittsburgh specialists in cuckoo clock repair, grandfather clocks, Seth Thomas, pocket watch repairs and anything that has to do with a timepiece. Our watch repair in Squirrel Hill is affordable, quick and professional.


What Is A Pendulum Clock?

A pendulum clock is any clock that uses swinging weight (pendulum) to keep time. The importance of using a pendulum (swinging weight) is that it swings forth and back in an accurate and even time interval.

How To Adjust The Pendulum of a Cuckoo Clock?

The Time Is Running Too Fast:

  • 1. Observe your clock for 24 hours and compare its accuracy with other trusted timepiece, especially if your cuckoo clock is new.
  • 2. In a situation where your cuckoo clock is running too fast, pull the pendulum bob downward. This will cause the pendulum to swing slower, thereby slowing down the timing.
  • 3. Observe the clock to determine whether the adjustment has corrected the timing.

The Time Is Running Too Slow:

  • 1. If your cuckoo clock is running too slow, push the pendulum bob upward. This will cause the pendulum to swing faster, thereby speeding up the timing.
  • 2. Observe the clock to determine whether the adjustment you made has corrected the timing.

Winding Your Cuckoo Clock

The model of your clock determines the frequency at which you wind it, but it ranges from once every 24 hours to once every eight days. When doing this, pull down the chain that doesn’t have weight to raise the chain with weight as high as possible without resistance.

Adjusting the Shut-off Switch

In some clocks, you can manually switch on or switch off the cuckoo call as you wish. This can be done by changing the switch to play or mute.

  • 1. In most cases, the switch can be found on the left side or the bottom side of the clock.
  • 2. You may need to flip the switch up to turn off the cuckoo noise or flip it down to turn on the call depending on the model of clock you are using. Review your manual to see what applies to the model you have.
  • 3. It is advisable not to adjust the cuckoo shut-off switch when the cuckoo call is actively playing.

It is crucial to understand that this feature is not available in every model. It is hardly seen in antique cuckoo and vintage clocks.

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