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40+ Years of ExperiencePittsburgh's BEST Watch & Clock Repairs of ALL KINDS. Call us at (877) 573-6644

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Why choose Time & Chime?

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  • Watch repair

    We will repair and restore ALL Modern and Vintage Watches, including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer and more. Full satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Grandfather Clocks

    Full repair, winding, setting of the hands, changing of the chimes. Picks up, delivery and installation included.

  • Battery & Band replacement

    Batteries can be replaced while you wait. Our professional will use proper tools to avoid any damage to your piece.

  • Mantel Clocks

    Quality repair, cleaning & maintenance, professional adjustment of pendulum bob. Pick up, delivery and installation.

  • Stem & Crown Replacement

    All genuine parts used on any stem or crown replacements. It restores your timepiece appearance to perfection.

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